Back that App Up: SuperTheMovie Facebook App Mar16


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Back that App Up: SuperTheMovie Facebook App

They are everywhere now. On our phones, in our browsers, and anywhere else that they can cram one in. Facebook is no exception and has had apps for a very long time. Most are utterly pointless. Today’s app is no different.

SUPER THE MOVIE” Facebook App.

If you are unfamilar with the upcoming film “Super” starring Rainn Wilson and Ellen Page, then check out our coverage of Emerald City Comicon 2011.

Back on topic however, today’s Facebook application is a very simple one. I for some reason enjoy these ridiculous things. You can upload a photo, browse your Facebook, or even snap one off with your webcam. Then you simply scale and rotate the image to get something like the little beauty to the right. You can edit the Crimson Bolt’s catchphrase, “Shut Up, Crime!” Pick between a spectrum of background colors and share it to your wall.

The only downside to this app is that once you share it to your wall, it does not display your created image, but rather a picture of Rainn Wilson. It was not until I tagged myself that it showed up on my wall.

HOMEWORK: Everyone needs to get the word out about this film. If you don’t want to put a picture of yourself on the poster. Then tell your friends about this limited release film coming out in April. SUPPORT YOUR CINEMA!

Here’s the trailer, and if it doesn’t convince you to see this movie, then you are lame.